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Insurance Claims

Matthew R. Patton, IV, provides valuable assistance to insurers and insured dealing with policy coverage issues. We are experienced in insurance coverage analysis and litigation, with particular knowledge of coverage issues related to general liability, automobile, homeowners and professional liability policies, to name only a few. We are also knowledgeable of issues arising under excess and umbrella policies, underinsured and uninsured motorist claims, and “bad faith” claims made against insurers.

We will thoroughly review all of your insurance policies and can often show you potential coverage you were not aware of. Filing your insurance claim successfully If we find that you have appropriate insurance coverage, their attorneys can assist you in filing a claim. If you do not present the precise information needed within the time limits dictated by your policy, the insurance company may be resistant to accepting your claim or unable to effectively process it.

We help ensure your initial presentation of your claim is timely and complete. Matthew R. Patton, IV is a diligent insurance coverage attorney who protects your interests. For thoughtful and practical advice on insurance coverage matters, please call us at (903) 843-3029 for a complimentary initial consultation. We are available to take appointments days, evenings, and weekends.