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Mineral Royalties 

East Texas has resurfaced as a vibrant area of oil, gas and mineral exploration, and Matthew R. Patton, IV, is at the center of the activity, protecting his clients' interests and helping them achieve their goals. Matthew R. Patton, IV remains committed to providing high-quality, dependable legal services to his oil and gas clients.

We counsel and represent mineral, royalty, and surface owners regarding the law related to the acquisition, ownership, leasing, development, production, transfer, and disposition of oil, gas and other minerals in the State of Texas. This includes mineral and royalty ownership, surface use, conveyances, contracts, statutes, and regulations affecting oil, gas and other minerals.

Our oil, gas and mineral services include the following:

  • Review of Development Claims within Oil and Gas Units
  • Negotiation and preparation of oil and gas leases
  • Negotiation and preparation of pooling and unitization agreements
  • Review and approval of division orders and transfer orders
  • Review of delay rentals and royalty payments
  • Resolution of royalty disputes
  • Negotiation and preparation of surface use agreements
  • Resolution of lease access and surface damage disputes
  • Negotiation and preparation of pipeline and road easements
  • Review of operator compliance with lease and regulatory requirements
  • Review of operator compliance with implied lease covenants
  • Resolution of lease termination disputes